Dylan Laborie

presents his work




maSmartHome bring value to your connected devices and your home. Their vocation: make your home a place of experiences.

According to many studies, by 2022, each home will be equipped with approximately 30 connected objects. But how to reach this goal if people don’t find any interest?

With MaSmartHome, it is possible to bring value to this eco-system and live new experiences. They created the very first SmartHome Store!


A configurator

A simple configurator allows you to discover the features offered by home automation and their costs.

A business tool

This tool industrializes the smart housing sector and facilitates the work of installers.

A SmartHome Store

SmartHome Store allows you to explore in a simple way the possibilities of an intelligent home and offer Apps dedicated to the smart home.


Users select a scenario composed of pre-defined connected objects. The technical side disappear in favor of the experience to create a mood. Users can select experience items to configure their home. From the theme of “cocooning” to “cooking” or “evenings”, the possibilities are endless.



maSmartHome Application

Development Stack:

Meteor: an open source platform for web, mobile, and desktop.

Galaxy Meteor: Apps inside Galaxy run in a “container”, an isolated environment just for your application code that’s kept separate from other applications.

React: a JavaScript library for building reactive user interfaces developed and distributed by the Facebook team. React is one of the three rendering libraries supported by Meteor; the alternatives are Blaze and Angular.

MongoDB: a free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program. Classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with schemas.

IFTTT: If This Then That, also known as IFTTT, is a free web-based service to create chains of simple conditional statements, called applets.

Algolia: a hosted full-text, numerical, and faceted search engine capable of delivering realtime results from the first keystroke. Algolia’s powerful API lets you quickly and seamlessly implement search within your websites and mobile applications.