Dylan Laborie

presents his work

About me

Who am I? āš”

Iā€™m Dylan, a 24 years old developer based in Montpellier in the South France. I grew up at the foot of the hill, named Luberon, in the Provence Region.

I have a double Master Degree, IT Programming and Project Management. I traveled and lived two years in South Korea where I learned a lot about society differences and how to work together no matter where we come from.

I love working day-to-day on projects that require multidisciplinary skill sets solving complex issues that make the lives of people better.

Schools & Universities šŸ“–

School Speciality Diploma Year Country
Epitech IT Programming Master 2 Degree 2015-2016 France
Keimyung University Video Games Programming Master 1 Degree 2014-2015 South Korea
UHA Project Management Master Degree 2014-2016 France
Epitech IT Programming Bachelor Degree 2011-2014 France

Skills & Langages šŸ’»

Front End Developement:

React Gatsby Javascript HTML CSS SASS

Back End Development:

Node JAVA MongoDB Firebase

Mobile Development

React Native Expo

Softwre Development

Electron C++

Shell & Operating System:

Bash Fish Unix Mac OS Windows

Design Tools:

Sketch Illustrator

Projects šŸš€

I made this website to show and explain my projects.

For all my recent work feel free to visit the Home Page

Are you looking for a particular project ? Go to Work Page

Interests & Hobbies āš½

I felt in love with sport since I was kid. I did Judo during 10 years, then sometimes people needs something new so I did Handball during few years. I left my Handball team because I went abroad (South Korea) and I wanted to do the national sport: Taekwondo. I practiced Taekwondo every day during two years and got my black belt.

I came back in France and I found again my passion for Martial Art.

I am currently training and reaching my Black Belt in Judo.

Video Games šŸŽ®

Always down to play some multiplayer games and chat, feel free to add me! League Of Legends and Fortnite are my go-to games currently.

Playstation 4 - PtitAkantis

Switch - SW-1840-3437-4319

Battle.Net - Akantis#2432

League Of Legends (EUW) - Akantis

Discord - Akantis